Mozart White Chocolate Cream Liqueur £12.40 @ Amazon

Sounds like heaven!
Mozart White Chocolate Cream Liqueur £12.40 @ Amazon

Now this Mozart White Chocolate Cream Liqueur sounds right up my street! I love a Baileys and I have been meaning to try this one for a while. It's just dropped to only £12.40 from it's RRP of £18 at Amazon so I have treated myself!

This white chocolate cream liqueur tastes of white chocolate with cream, caramel and vanilla.

Only the best raw materials are used for Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur. It contains fresh cream, cocoa butter and real Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

If you're watching the calories then this is a great one too. It contains 60% less fat and significantly less alcohol (only 15%) than Irish Creams. It is best served slightly chilled, preferably with fresh seasonal fruits. Now you have no excuse not to treat yourself!

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