Haribo Chamallows Marshmallows 140g From 95p @ Amazon

Great for toasting!
Haribo Chamallows Marshmallows 140g From 95p @ Amazon

I love marshmallows and in particular Haribo Chamallows ones. They are just so much better than regular ones. Just now you can get the 140g bag from as little as 95p! They are £1 a bag, or if you Subscribe and Save you'll only pay 95p for them. You can cancel this once your Chamallows arrive.

Haribo Chamallows Marshmallows 140g

Haribo Chamallows have that classic French vanilla flavour and that's what makes them my favourite. They come in the traditional pink and white colours, and I swear the pink ones taste better even though they are all flavoured the same.

I am grabbing a few packs of these for when the fire pit is on. It's a nice end to a summer's day and the kids love a warm, smooshy marshmallow, but not as much as I.

Those of you with Amazon Prime will get their Haribo Chamallows Marshmallows delivered for free, as well as those of you spending £20 or more.


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