Gin and Tonic Bathing Gel £7.95 @ Prezzybox

Gin and Tonic Bathing Gel

Have you ever dreamed of taking a bath in a giant gin and tonic? No, just me then! Anyway, my strange dream can now be a reality with this bottle of Gin and Tonic Bathing Gel!

This is the stuff of dreams, I can totally picture myself bathing in a giant gin and tonic bubble bath, with a nice glass of g&t in my hand! It is currently just £7.95 over at Prezzybox, I have a feeling this will sell quickly though.

It can be used as either a bath fragrance or as a body wash but don't worry you won't end up smelling of alcohol, it has a sweet juniper and lemon scent to it. Designed to make you smell clean and fresh.

I love it's simple packaging, designed to look like a bottle of gin. It would make a fantastic Christmas present for a gin and tonic fan or as a Secret Santa gift at the office!

Standard home delivery is £3.95.

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  • Claire R.

    wonder if it has any proper gin in it?

    • Nikki T.

      I know what's going on my Christmas list :thumbsup: xx

  • Claire A.

    That's what I won't for xmas

  • Janet W.

    If I can't drink it I can bathe in it!!!

  • Shauna W.

    Lol I can't drink it :joy::joy::joy:

  • Sam B.

    Honest, I'm not an alcoholic.... I just bathe in gin!!! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Justine W.

    Can you drink it!!!! Then that's a no c

  • Ruth S.

    Ha I have been bought this before, prefer the real stuff :wink:

  • Jennifer B.

    Sounds like our sort of bath gel! :cocktail: xx

  • Amanda G.

    I love a bath but i dont love a gin lo

  • Carole W.

    That's right up my street :joy:

  • Aisling M.

    Holy Christ I've seen it all now!

  • Eil C.

    OMG!!! :lemon::lemon::lemon::lemon::lemon::lemon::lemon:

  • Theresa F.

    I would prefer to drink it!!

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