Where Are The Best Easter Egg Deals?

Where Are The Best Easter Egg Deals?

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The supermarket price wars have meant that this years Easter Egg offers are SO much cheaper than last year that it's amazing! Each of the major supermarkets are trying to out do each other with their price cuts, and the winners are us as we are genuinely getting cheaper prices than before. Here's a round up of the best offers on at the moment:

  • Tesco: Extra Large Easter Eggs are half price at £3 each.* This is by far the best price for this size egg at the moment, though if it's value for money you're going for then the offer that finshes today on the large ones above gives more choc for your money.
  • Tesco: Kinder Suprise Eggs £1 off, now £4. These are the ones with Batman and Polly Pocket toys in them - not much chocolate for your money, but you're paying for the toy really, and last year these sold out way before Easter. If you only want one this is the best offer, otherwise Asda have 3 for £10 which works out at less per egg.
  • Asda: Selected Medium Easter Eggs are £1 each*. Again these include the Cadbury's and Mars branded ones, at up to 178g again these are great value.
  • Asda: Kinder Surprise Eggs are 3 for £10*. Other supermarkets have these Batman and Polly Pocket eggs at £5 each, so as long as you need three you are getting a much better deal at Asda. (The other eggs included in the 3 for £10 are mostly £1.50 in Tesco until tomorrow, so grab them in Tesco instead.)
  • Sainsburys*: Unfortunately none of their offers can match the competitors at the moment, but last year their own brand eggs dropped to 80p then 50p just before Easter, so it's worth keeping a close eye on that.
  • Aldi* and Lidl* have the best value own brand eggs at the moment . Aldi's Medium Eggs are 89p each, and mini treats are 59p a bag. Lidl have large chocolate Easter bunnies for only 79p.

We will keep a close eye on the Easter Egg offers and let you know the best offers as they change. Watch this space!

Updated 19/03/15


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