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Easter Egg Bargains easter egg huntIt is that time of the year again when the kids get to gorge themselves silly on chocolate. Mostly we've not bought easter eggs for the kids since they get given so many. And there's really only so much chocolate they can eat in one day. About one medium sized egg is more chocolate and sugar than a five year old can take.

What usually happens is that the eggs end up in the freezer. And there have been years when there have still been one or two left in there by the time Easter comes around again.

But still, you need to have a bit of chocolate on standby, just in case. Here's a guide to some of the best chocolate eggs out there. The focus is on price for the most part. I tried to pick out the most interesting looking deals I could find for less than a fiver.

There are a few eggs in here that more expensive, but still good value (I think) on a price and taste basis. These are for the grown ups, because we need our chocolate too.

Easter Egg Bargains Cadbury Chocolate Buttons Easter EggSupermarket offers

Perhaps in recognition that three is the new two, families with three kids will be able to make good use of Sainsbury's buy one get two free offer on selected Easter Eggs. These include favourites such as Cadbury's Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs and Flake. Individually these eggs are normally priced at around £2.50.

Asda is offering three eggs, normally worth £5 each, for £10 in a multisave deal.

Both of those are great deals, but what if you don't need that many eggs? Tesco has many of these same easter eggs in a 'half price or better than half price' offer. For example, you could buy a Kinnerton Ben 10 Medium Egg/Buttons for £1. This is also in the Sainsbury's three for the price of one offer, but there if you buy the egg on its own it costs £2.50.

Don't forget the pound shops and cheaper supermarkets like Lidl. At the 99p store, for example, they have racks and racks of Lindt chocolate bunnies (yummy yum yum) for 99p each.

Easter Egg Bargains without brandsWithout the brands

Actually I didn't quite know how to categorize this. You know how you just think, what I'd really like is some nice chocolate that doesn't have Cadbury stamped all over it, or cartoon pictures of characters from kiddie shows?

At the same time, you might not want to spend a lot of money either. Here's a couple of top picks.

If you want to keep me happy then it'll only cost you £3. That's the price tag on the Tesco Finest Belgian White Chocolate Egg With Vanilla. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Also, if you want something a bit fun or for kids without the garish packaging, try these Sainsbury's Belgian Chocolate Eggs. These have large spots on them and look (according to my son) like dinosaur eggs. The website says that the milk chocolate and dark chocolate ones are on special offer, reduced from £3 to £2. I couldn't find the white chocolate eggs on there unfortunately. Maybe you can get it instore.

Easter Egg Bargains the best eggs good housekeeping magazineAnd the best easter egg is ....

Good Housekeeping magazine put 68 Easter Eggs to the test earlier this year. They were rated on taste, value for money, and packaging. And the winner? An easter egg from Tesco, costing less than a tenner.

Specifically the  Tesco Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with Cornish Clotted Cream Fudge and Honeycomb priced at £7. I couldn't find any on the website, so it may have sold out already. Would be worth checking in store though. There were some of these, the Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate And Honeycomb egg, available for £3.

In second place was the Chococo Milk Chocolate Honeycombe Egg £13.50, and coming third was another supermarket easter egg. The Marks & Spencer White Chocolate Egg with Raspberry Pieces (£4.99). Hmmm sounds delicious.

Easter Egg Bargains the real easter eggCharity Chocolate

There is a large number of fairtrade Easter Eggs you can buy from all the main supermarkets. I'd try to buy one of these if I can, as I do prefer to know that the producers of my food are getting paid fairly for their work.

One egg new to the market this year is the Fairtrade Real Easter Egg. It's got two unique selling points. First it makes a big deal about how none of the easter eggs on the market mention Christianity. I think that's missing the point by a mile. Eggs are associated with the pagan origins of the Easter festival, not the Christian one. However, more importantly, a percentage of each egg sold goes to charity.

According to a news report in the Guardian, "two charities benefit from the sale of the £3.99 egg. Traidcraft Exchange receives 30p from every egg sold and Baby Lifeline will receive 10% of the Real Easter Egg net profits."

What do you think?

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