Chocolate Easter Egg Sandwiches by Hotel Chocolat

29 March 2015

easter egg sandwich pm

If Easter Eggs are a little too dull for you, and you're looking for a different gift, then how about an egg sandwich? A chocolate egg sandwich of course, with chocolate 'bread' too. These are made by Hotel Chocolat* and are available online and in their stores.

These aren't exactly cheap at £10 per sarnie, but as a quirky gift they're definitely original!

There's a Caramel Easter Egg Sandwich*, as well as a Milk Chocolate* version and a Dark Chocolate* one. The White Chocolate Easter Egg Sandwich is out of stock online, but if you have a store near you then they may have some in stock there.

Delivery charges are from £3.95, or you can click and collect for free.

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