Back In Stock: Kopparberg Premium Cider Sparkling Rose £5 @ Asda

Back In Stock: Kopparberg Premium Cider Sparkling Rose £5 @ Asda

If you have been scanning the supermarket shelves for the Kopparberg Premium Cider Sparkling Rose since it's release last year, then you will be pleased to know that it is back!

It was so popular last year that it constantly sold out but never fear you can now purchase it at Asda!

What a way to say goodbye to Dry January with a refreshing glass of this sparkling rose drink!

This is an apple cider drink with a hint of either strawberry or raspberry*. It comes in a larger bottle, perfect for sharing, especially with Valentine's Day around the corner!

It looks much 'posher' than normal ciders too! You could easily give it as a gift. I would love to try some of this, I am heading straight to my local Asda tomorrow as I just know this is going to sell FAST!

And at just £5 a bottle, it's a blooming bargain!


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  • Naomi P.

    we need some more of this!!

    • Gail L.

      Got mine today cheers :tropical_drink:

      • Bryony K.

        100% need to try this! :heart_eyes:

        • Rachel W.

          :raising_hand::raised_hands::raised_hands::ok_woman::ok_woman::ok_woman::raising_hand: me me

          • Laura M.

            Yum I hope this is real lol xx

            • Lesley M.

              Oh that looks amazing!! Xxx

              • Sandy W.

                Oh I've already tried, it's lovely :ok_hand_tone2::ok_hand_tone2:

                • Tara Y.

                  I saw the raspberry one in the asda by me yesterday, should of got it....but I didnt :confused: x

                  • Jade D.

                    I would so love that :grinning::heart:

                    • Nicol C.

                      Yes I definitely do!!!! Xx

                      • Lisa J.

                        Says on that link been sold out ages

                        • Rachel G.

                          Ooooooooooooooo yes please

                          • Lucy B.

                            Oooooo yummy!!!!!!!!! Xxx

                            • Lucy T.

                              :scream: O. M. G! I need this in my life!

                              • Susan L.

                                Although I just joined slimming world tonight don't think that will be allowed :joy:

                                • Amy R.

                                  £5 in Asda Apparently xx

                                  • Hayley M.

                                    Ahh I need to try this!!!

                                    • Alex C.

                                      I've had it before it's amazing

                                      • Joanne M.

                                        Aww need to gets some of these :) xxx

                                        • Laura R.

                                          Let's get some :yum::yum::yum: