Asda Launch Low-Calorie Ice Cream Including Birthday Cake Flavour!

Pass me a spoon...
Asda Launch Low-Calorie Ice Cream Including Birthday Cake Flavour!

Being on a diet doesn't mean you have to give up all your favourite treats. Thanks to Asda you can enjoy a tub of ice-cream that is LOW in calories!

They have just launched a brand new low-calorie ice-cream that is set to rival Halo Top ice cream.

This low-calorie ice cream has just been launched at Asda and includes three yummy flavours... Birthday Cake*, Peanut Butter* and Vanilla*.

You can definitely treat yourself with these tubs as a whole tub is between 332 to 392 calories depending on the flavour you choose. So if you feel like sharing, half a tub comes in at around 166 to 196 calories! Result!

Here are the flavours available and how many calories you will find in each tub:

  • Peanut butter : 177 calories per half tub (354 for whole tub). A creamy vanilla ice-cream swirled with a nutty peanut sauce.
  • Birthday cake : 196 calories per half tub (392 for the whole tub). Vanilla-flavoured ice-cream rippled with raspberry sauce and light sponge cake pieces.
  • Vanilla : 166 calories per half tub (332 for whole tub). High-protein vanilla flavoured ice-cream.

These scrummy treats are available online and in Asda stores at just £2.50 a tub and are set to become bestsellers!


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  • Amie W.

    I could put my face in the peanut butter one:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

    • Hannah-Victoria R.

      I’ll go looking for this tomorrow :heart:

      • Michelle K.

        peanut butter ice-cream :yum:

        • Tara H.

          apparently the birthday cake one tastes better than the halo one xx

          • Laura T.

            yh saw these good for a treat :heart_eyes:

            • Nikki S.

              Birthday cake was a little bland but still ate the whole tub :yum::birthday::grin:

              • Kirsty D.

                At the minute i’m having a sniff of the lid off a ben and jerrys tub so anything that can help is a bonus :joy:

                • Louise P.

                  Right who is going to asda

                  • Nicola N.

                    Next Friday we need to get some :speak_no_evil:

                    • Katie W.

                      Yes! Might pop on Friday and see if they have any

                      • Sarah H.

                        I need some of this :heart_eyes: x

                        • Melanie J.

                          That is so worth it :grin::runner:‍♀️:runner:‍♀️:runner:‍♀️:runner:‍♀️

                          • Gemma H.

                            Melanie Jane 4.5 for half of the peanut butter 5 for half of the birthday cake :heart_eyes:

                            • Nicole M.

                              Oh don't,he's just bought another 2kg tub,he's only had it a week!!!

                              • Faye B.

                                Let me know what you think! I will get my mitts on some ASAP. The Halo peanut one was :heart_eyes: I paid £5 because I was dying to try it lol x

                                • Amy M.

                                  Birthday cake!!! Yes please

                                  • Aimee G.

                                    peanut butter on Saturday :joy: