Zhu Zhu Pets £6.51 @ Amazon

Zhu Zhu Pets £6.51 @ Amazon

hamsterRemember these critters from the hamster craze of 2009? Well now the range has expanded to include these new guys – Nugget, Scoodles, Winkie and Jilly – and they’re selling for a fraction of their inflated December prices, especially on Amazon.

I have to admit that I was hugely disappointed by Amazon during Christmas as they marked up the prices of their hamsters to around the £30 mark. I read and reread the descriptions and they were just selling one hamster with battries for £34+. It was a greedy move that annoyed me.

Needless to say, they are now among the cheapest with these four styles marked down to £6.51. You don’t get to choose which hamster you want though, which is a bit tedious and annoying – especially if your little one already has all but one, or their heart set on a specific one.

hamster2Batteries come included and they are pretty easy to maintain and they are packed with all sorts of funky technology. Safer and less hassle than real hamsters, these chaps will zoom around the house making annoying noises and they will get stuck under the sofa and you will put your back out trying to rescue them.

Fun for the whole family.

Thanks to shibi din at HUKD!


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    Amazon didn't charge that - that was Amazon Marketplace! Private sellers.