New! Wooden Toy Range @ ASDA From £15

Wooden Toys I will confess that I don't get excited about a lot of bargains. I think I'm a little desensitised now, but I will tell you that I'm really excited about this new range of wooden toys from Asda.

Starting at £15 for the dolls house accessories*, the bright and bold colours of this set are gorgeous, and if I'm not mistaken, it looks like a 20-piece set, meaning you can furnish a whole dolls house for £15.

For £25, you can pick up the Wooden Dolls Pramor the Pirate Ship Setboth of which look gorgeous, and like it can rival more expensive brands, where similar prams can be found for around £80 and even the 'cheaper' Tidlo ships are upwards of £30.

There's also the £30 Wooden Work Benchor Wooden Princess Castleboth of which look like they can rival any of the other brands - I'm in love with that castle.

Finally, Asda's offerings at £35 are the Wooden Dolls House* (currently out of stock) which is beautiful and over half a meter tall! It's stunning for the price. Finally, there's also a Fire Stationfor the same price and I have to tell you, compared to the Plum one for £119, there's just no competition.

It pretty much looks like ASDA looked at what the most popular wooden toys on the market are, prettied them up, and dropped the prices a lot. 

These are all new, so we don't know the quality yet, but if they're half as good as they look, they're going to be hot, hot, hot in the run up to Christmas.

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