Wooden Rocking Horse £20 (was £30) @ Asda George

Wooden Rocking Horse £20 (was £30) @ Asda George

Asda George have reduced this beautiful Wooden Rocking Horse by a third, taking the price from an already reasonable £30 to a bargain £20!

This is a soft and padded rocking horse on a wooden frame that will give a comfy ride for your little one. It has handles to help keep children steady while they play, and it also makes horsey sounds when you squeeze it's ear.

It's a beautiful classic colour scheme that is neutral enough to fit into any nursery or bedroom, and reviews are really great as well.

You can click and collect for free from Asda stores, or home delivery costs £2.95.


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  • Lisa D.

    It's lovely. But no more toys! It's like a jumble sale at my house!!!

    • Victoria W.

      she's still small for it but it's so cute :heart_eyes:

      • Elaine K.

        Rose is nearly ready for this one...:heart_eyes:

        • Hayley K.

          wish Evie was older I'd love to get her this :heart_eyes:

          • Sophie H.

            I bet she would love one of them when she's older

            • Hayley K.

              I'll have to keep that on my list lol

              • Sophie H.

                A unicorn one would be lovely

                • Hayley K.

                  Omg wonder if they do unicorn one

                  • Sophie H.

                    I'll have a look

                  • Donna Y.

                    Skyelah would adore this!!! X

                    • Gemma P.

                      we need to get this for bet for Christmas

                      • Zac M.


                        • Gemma P.

                          Save it and we order it tomorrow

                        • Colette H.

                          Awww that one is cute too xx

                          • Sophie M.

                            Hope this is on her xmas list for Father Christmas! X

                            • Caroline S.

                              My granddaughter has had this for 2 years and it is brilliant, good quality - highly recommended

                              • Kirsty P.

                                I bought this for my daughter last Christmas & it's fab! still as good as new & she loves it xx

                                • Rahanna H.

                                  No room lol :joy: and she wants the real thing xx

                                  • Hazel A.

                                    Love this I know someone who would love this lol

                                    • Samantha S.

                                      Marley would love this for Christmas... more ponies!!!! X

                                      • Afton J.

                                        Yes I like this, no poo to get up xx

                                        • Samantha S.

                                          hahaha and cheaper to feed... and they don't mind it if you have a little wine tiredness on a Saturday morning :flushed:

                                        • Tracy C.

                                          Aaaahhhh I love this. Will have a look later once the babies are in bed! Xxxx

                                          • Sarah A.

                                            Oh my gosh I need to get Haidee one of these! x

                                            • Claire D.

                                              Can put plastic one in garden once shes walking to be able to play outside :joy:

                                              • Cheryl D.

                                                I was going say tht, every little girl needs a proper rocking horse at Christmas time lol

                                                • Caroline L.

                                                  I think we just love christmas shopping :joy::joy:

                                                  • Caroline L.

                                                    :joy::joy::joy::joy:you always say that

                                                    • Kiara M.

                                                      Tried it last night and sold out again