Guess Poo? Game £13.49 @ Amazon

You just know the kids are going to LOVE this gross game!
Guess Poo? Game £13.49 @ Amazon

You know when you come across something that you just KNOW the kids will love! Well this Guess Poo game is one of those. Like Guess Who, this one you guess the poo! Yep, gross right?! This is one of those games that has been sellling out everywhere, but it's in stock right now at £13.49 at Amazon.

If Amazon sell out (and they might do pretty quickly!) the next best price is at Studio* or IWOOT* where it's £14.99.

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A mystery poop is lurking in the toilet. Use your detective skills to flush out the suspect and guess who’s the poo! Perfect for family games night, this hilarious board game is great for all the family. “Does he have a moustache?”, “Does she wear glasses?” Take it in turns to ask your opponent questions, and flip the lids on the poo’s that don’t fit the description! Down to a few? Guess poo!

With hilarious poos to guess such as Shirley Splashy and Albert Fluff and fun, bright gift packaging, this is the ultimate gift for game loving children and adults alike.

How to play: 1.Take it in turns to ask yes/no questions about the mystery poo. 2.Use the answer to flip the toilet lids on the poos that don’t fit the profile. 3.Take it in turns until someone thinks they can guess the poo. How to win: Guess the poo on your turn. If you guess correct, you win!

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