Where To Buy Spin To Sing UK

Where To Buy Spin To Sing UK

It's the game everyone's talking about - If Spin To Sing is on your Christmas agenda then you may want to see where you can get it in the UK, and for the best price. We keep a close eye on fluctuating stock levels as well as special offers etc.

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Spin to Win is a game for the whole Family. It's ideal for over the Festive Season and is bound to bring lots of laughs. Up to six people can play at once.

Basically, you get the chance to show off your singing voice if the spinning microphone lands on you. If it does then you have to sing to one of the tracks on a tablet or mobile through the free Spin to Sing app.

The game is enhanced with 'Performance Cards' that instruct you to do silly things like ‘sing like a mouse’ or ‘rap’.

To win you must give the best performance, During your performance, other players get to judge you just like X Factor. Performance Selfies are also taken as you do your stuff.

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  • Kelly G.

    u would love this...do not ask me to play lolx

  • Karen M.

    you would love this lol x

  • Debbie R.

    This is my kinda game :grin::grinning:

  • Victoria K.

    this game was made for you.... can one of you please arrange the dinner party night so we can play this x

    • Natalie R.

      OMG yes!!! Love a sing off!!

    • Natalie D.

      This looks like the perfect game for my amazing vocals:joy::joy::joy:

  • Stephanie R.

    this is what we saw today looks good x

  • Nicola J.

    late night karaoke has just got even better :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Sarah C.

    .... I immediately thought of you when I saw this game.... Lol... :joy::see_no_evil::microphone:

  • Stacey H.

    Because we're all such awesome singers :joy::joy:

  • Danielle L.

    Going get that she love it x

  • Emm F.

    Christmas dinner is sorted this year :joy: x

  • Donna C.

    Ooh what do you have to do

  • Sheila S.

    Let's order for Christmas!

  • Danielle L.

    Ok let me no then before I go Argos and get it x

  • Sarah B.

    Defo! I'll bring that spatula's :joy::joy:

  • Gemma C.

    Are u kidding me have u heard my kids sing :joy::joy::joy: we needs some games tho for xmas x

  • Kat C.

    thats what would make it funny as none of us can sing. We do need some new games This year x

  • Lindsay F.

    I saw this the other day. Think we would clear the room :musical_note:sometimes :musical_note::joy::joy::joy: xxx

  • Claire B.

    1st time I've seen it. Looks good xxx

  • Lindsay V.

    I am getting a snes mini which I am super super excited about! :nerd::nerd::nerd::nerd::nerd: xxx

  • Emma M.

    Oh I can hardly contain my excitement

  • Jacz P.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: think that's about for 2 weeks time

  • Louise M.

    Get it and I'll give you money x

  • Nicola K.

    dad can be the driver this year :joy::joy:

  • Roseanne H.

    Mate !!! We need to get this !xxxx

  • Olivia J.

    yeah for me to win every time

  • Christina W.

    No problem we will have it set up for xmS morning after big breakfast X

  • Nicola K.

    :joy::joy: grandmas on it xx

  • Nicola T.

    This looks good :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Natalie R.

    Gonna try and win it first lol already on the case with Helen :joy:

  • Olivia J.

    i don't think so:relieved:

  • Carla M.

    Oh my goodness!!! I'm so getting it!! X

  • Claire C.

    Omg yes I will see if add a have it

  • Jane G.

    Not sure, i'll show him later n let u know xxxxx

  • Gail B.

    But seriously let's get it xx

  • Rachel E.

    We definitely need this in our life x

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