Where To Buy Pimple Pete Game

Where To Buy Pimple Pete Game

What is it with all these gross kids games? This new Pimple Pete game is another that kids are loving, so it's a definite for lots of Christmas lists this year! We have searched out all the places to buy the game, and the best prices, to help save you money on your Christmas shopping. We will keep this page updated with the latest price drops and deals as they happen.

Here's where to buy Pimple Pete:

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What is Pimple Pete?

(UF LISA HOL) Where To Buy Pimple Pete Game

Pimple Pete is a family game where you have to extract the rubbery pimples without getting sprayed with 'pus'. Just spin the spinner to see where on Pete's face you have to pull the pimple from, and whoever gets the most is the winner. But they have to do it gently, or the 'extra sore mega-zit' on Pete's nose will spray you with pus (it's just water, don't worry).

The game is actually from Dr Pimple Popper herself, the dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, who is a social media sensation with her blackhead, whitehead and cyst extraction videos.

Pimple Pete is for 2 or more players aged 5+.

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  • Donna B.

    Christmas Day game :joy::joy:

    • Flora E.

      sorted for life :joy::joy:

      • Natalie S.

        :joy::joy::joy::joy: I’ll be in my element hahaha

        • Flora E.

          Keep you entertained for weeks :joy::joy:

          • Katrina R.

            Kids games are gettin nastier every year

            • Peter S.

              Love a good zit burst!

              • Laura G.

                Hahah! I’m gonna get it for Jose :joy::joy:

                • Kellie G.

                  That looks gross!

                  • Alana C.

                    Love it!! There's one in b&m that I have my eye on!!

                    • Caroline D.

                      You are not wise girlie!!!! :joy::joy::joy:

                      • Alison D.

                        You should see the corker I’m rocking right now :see_no_evil::weary:xx

                        • Leanne K.

                          :joy: Instantly thought of you nawt better than a good pimple squeeze :joy: x

                          • Melissa Y.

                            Weird games coming out fishing for poo ones bogey one more

                            • Emmi G.

                              I’ll get it for you :joy:

                              • Kelly B.

                                Yeah, she’d love this, as would I :laughing:

                                • Richard H.

                                  Great....that's your Xmas gift spoilt x Sarah

                                  • Sarah A.

                                    Pimple Pete wouldn’t stand a chance

                                    • Katie H.

                                      Christmas family board game fun :joy:

                                      • Hayley D.

                                        wine, pj’s and pimple Pete. Sounds lush!!

                                        • Gary M.

                                          Wow... what a brilliant game!!! I’ll