Where To Buy Little Live Pets Wrapples In The UK 2018

Where To Buy Little Live Pets Wrapples In The UK 2018
Where To Buy Little Live Pets Wrapples In The UK 2018

There's always those toys that the kids put on their Christmas lists that you just know are going to be sell outs! Well we are pretty sure that the Little Live Pets Wrapples are going to be a bestseller for Christmas 2018 so we have made a handy where to buy guide for you to bookmark.

You will be able to keep track of all the stores that have stock and where to buy them at the best price!

In Stock/Pre-Order

Higher RRP/Limited Stock

What are Little Live Pets Wrapples?

They are cute, furry, wearable pets that you can flip and snap onto your wrist so you can take them everywhere with you. They are on a slap band so can be worn with ease.

They also have over 50 interactive sounds and motions, light up, colour-changing eyes, motion detectors and you can even record your conversation as they chat back to you. Plus listen to them sing along and tilt them upside down to let them have a nap!

They are suitable for ages 5 years and upwards.

How many varieties of Little Live Pets Wrapples are there?

Little Live Pets Wrapples come in three different colours and designs. Choose from Skyo, a blue animal, Una, a multi coloured design and Princeza a pink furry friend.


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  • Xmelissa M.

    She’d probably freak out lol x

    • Catherine H.

      What are they? Like a tamagotchi? xx

      • Erica S.

        Wonder why there 5 years +

        • Mcb D.

          I know :see_no_evil: I’m tempted to pre-order just to be in the safe side! I can imagine Olivia wanting this x

          • Joanne M.

            I’m still trying to get a scruff a luv. Smyths getting them back in next week I think.x

            • AaDele T.

              I knew she would one of each colour too

              • Gemma H.

                I neeeeeed to get wizzy this!!

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                  I need to start my Christmas shopping soon

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                    Get them now whilst u can! Lol x

                    • Rosie P.

                      I think Emily would like it to to be fair! I was just about to order them :joy:

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                        Might get one early cause I no it will be on her list lol x

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                          Rachel will probably love this x

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                            Teleri Mai would love rubbish like this :joy:

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                              Aww god !! Not another thing I need to hunt the shops for :joy:

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                                I've got Ava one of these for her birthday x

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                                  She would love it :joy::joy:

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                                    That’s not bad . I think I might go get it then. She barely even looks at they bloody fingerlings x

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                                      Without a doubt! I better go have a look :joy:

                                      • Stef W.

                                        I can see all mine wanting these lol x

                                        • Claire I.

                                          Can't believe I'm looking at stuff for Xmas already lol x