Where To Buy Cry Babies Magic Tears In The UK 2018

Are the Cry Babies Magic Tears on your child's Christmas list?
Where To Buy Cry Babies Magic Tears In The UK 2018

If you have a little one who loves anything to do with the L.O.L Surprise! series then here is another toy that they will love! The Cry Babies Magic Tears are set to be the next big thing so grab yours today and be ahead of the game!

We've put together a handy guide as to where to buy the Cry Babies Magic Tears in the UK.

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Single Pack

Triple Pack

Magic Tears Playset- Katie's Super House

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Single Pack

What Are Cry Babies Magic Tears?

There are 12 of these cute dolls to collect. Each doll is housed inside a bottle which you unwrap to discover which doll you have collected. Each set comes with 6 fun accessories: a bottle, a bow, a dummy, a chair, and 2 accessories unique to each doll.

Open the final compartment to see if you have any surprise golden accessories, which are exclusive to only a few bottles! Fill the bottle with water to feed your Magic Tears, watch as they cry real tears when you squeeze their bellies.


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  • Jo G.

    this is what lily wants x

    • Jodie L.

      I’ve just bought these xx

      • Caroline S.

        this will be the next thing

        • Julie B.

          more for the xmas list x

          • Hayley V.

            the girls would love these

            • Joanna P.

              think Lilly would like these xxx

              • Natasha R.

                Ooooooo what are these?!!

                • Tracey P.

                  How are you finding all these lol I never see them!!xxx

                  • Sam A.

                    I’ll have to have a look!!! X

                    • Sian W.

                      Was debating it actually saw them on tele earlier xx

                      • Morwenna B.

                        Ohh I’ve not heard of these before, have you? God I’m gonna be bankrupt by Xmas :joy:

                        • Karen W.

                          Maisie will like making them cry lol x

                          • Jade N.

                            I might get the girls one see if they like them

                            • Cathy M.

                              Oh we already have some of those

                              • Nikki S.

                                Tobie loves his he has 4 :joy::joy: but he doesn't have an orange one x

                                • Claire G.

                                  OMG how cute are they I want one myself :laughing: x x

                                  • Lindsey P.

                                    Thanks for the heads up :see_no_evil:

                                    • Jade V.

                                      The girls will want these :see_no_evil: xx

                                      • Susanne B.

                                        She’s got 1 wants more for Xmas they r cute :heart_eyes:

                                        • Molly R.

                                          Yes they are so cute!! Miley has one of these it is really cute. Going to get another for Christmas for her xxx