Waybuloo Giant Floor Puzzle £2.49 @ Play.com

1 August 2010

noktok I love Waybuloo. In fact, everyone in my house loves Waybuloo and I reckon my youngest would have to fight off the Teenagers to even stand a chance of getting his hands on these Waybuloo giant floor puzzles.

When Waybuloo first graced our TV screens there was much excitement. My youngest feel instantly in love with all the characters and their little catchphrases, he even gave everyone Waybuloo names.

He was YoJoJo, my daughter was LauLau,  my eldest son became NokTok and I was De-Li.  All VERY cute.

The most interesting thing for me is that he choose our Waybuloo alter egos well: YoJoJo represents happiness (he is one of the happiest people I know), LauLau represents imagination (my daughter has a very bright one of those), NokTok represents wisdom (my eldest can be very quiet and wise) and as for De-Li...she represents love.

Puzzles are great fun - they boost brain power and improve pattern recognition and fine motor skills and the sense of achievement when you finish them, regardless of how many pieces they have, is incredibly satisfying.

deliIf you've got a Waybuloo fan in your house then there are actually two giant floor puzzles to choose from - NokTok and De-Li - both have been reduced from £9.99 down to £2.49 and there is no delivery to pay when you order from Play.

Thanks to Zobobump over at HUKD!

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