Vtech V.Smile Pocket Learning System with Zayzoo Game £15 @ Tesco Direct

FunLearn This is a sizzling deal, so much so that I’ve slapped the Deal of the Day sticker on it. Marked down from £60 to only £15 this is an educational toy that offers plenty of fun and frolics for kids. This deal is a winner from Tesco Direct.

I am inching towards getting this for the measly sum of £15, the only thing that stops me is the other V-Tech toys I got and how certain elements were just a little substandard. I would never have paid £60 for this and I’m not entirely sure it would have been worth it.

This particular toy is compatible with the V.Smile learning games and comes with the Zayzoo learning game that teaches curriculum skills like spelling, maths, words and more. It’s suitable from five years old and comes with four AA batteries included. Funlearn2

Reading through the various reviews I saw that most parents gave it a great review saying that it’s easy to use and helps them to study. There is a more updated version available but unlikely to be selling for this price. Overall this looks to be a good call.

Thanks to nicola-picola at HUKD!

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