Vtech V.Smile Motion Active Learning System £9.99 @ Tesco

Vtech V.Smile Motion Active Learning System £9.99 @ Tesco

VtechVsmileConsoleI loved learning when I first started school. Couldn’t wait to get in there and follow every instruction given by the teacher. Play time was fab, but my real joy was sitting at my desk practicing writing, reading new facts, and getting a pair of scissors in one hand and a pot of glue in the other. Not every kid relishes learning in quite the same way, as I found out when I became a mum. All three of my children love playing computer games though, and even picked up mundane tasks like typing quickly when introduced in game format on the screen.

VtechVsmileKidSo, although I’m not a big fan of teaching pre-school children how to use computers, I am a big fan of their teaching potential. Now, we’ve only heard of this super bargain, but it is definitely worth a quick visit to your local Tesco store to check it out. Unfortunately this bargain isn’t available online. Tesco have marked down the Vtech V.Smile Motion Active Learning System to £9.99 – previously £39.97 at Tesco Direct. The console comes with a joystick, writing pad and microphone. Its storage space will hold up to nine games.

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