VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Mega Drivers Set £49.99 @ Argos

Toot-Toot Drivers Mega Drivers Set £49.99

If you're looking for a big impressive toy for your little one for Christmas this huge VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Mega Drivers Set has now dropped to a brilliant price, as Argos have it for just £49.99, down from £74.99!

This looks like a really substantial toy and I think little kids are going to love it. It includes 3 race ways, a ramp, loop and spiral, and there are 11 smartpoint locations that trigger sound effects and phrases.

There are 22 additional track pieces so that you can extend the play set, and it can also be joined on to other Toot-Toot sets to make it even bigger!

You get one Toot-Toot Racer car included featuring 6 sing-along songs and 6 melodies.

It really is great value for money at this price, and if my kids were younger I would be snapping it up.

Reserve and collect is free, or home delivery costs £3.95.

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  • Jennifer J.

    how much would he love this :see_no_evil:

  • Rebecca M.

    look at this toot toot set!

  • Karina B.

    something we could get Toby for xmas

  • Ruth L.

    Jacob wants this for Christmas

  • Emma N.

    Wow this looks amazing, I'll get it for him thanks! Xx

  • Hannah S.

    Ordered will be here tomorrow xx

  • Jaime B.

    Be nice in living room he can put his fire engine and police car down it

  • Dawn B.

    Haha I actually love that

  • Grace G.

    Oh good mate he will love this :kissing_heart:

  • Lisa R.

    This is great reggie would love it xxxxx

  • Louise F.

    Nope.... Nope....nope.... he's having no more!! but i do love it!!!!

  • Catherine T.

    I’ve just bought it :joy:

  • Louise F.

    No! James would kill me!!!!

  • Louise F.

    I just showed him.... apparently I like toot toot to much.... and he said no :persevere:

  • Amy H.

    Omgggg that's wicked!! Xxx

  • Pauline W.

    To big for my house lol:joy:

  • Sara L.

    Looks good. He will love it :thumbsup::grin:

  • Danielle W.

    It would take up the lil space I hav left in my living room but thankyounxx

  • Aisling M.

    :joy::joy: doesn't it look class though

  • Irene B.

    I'm sure he'd love it but where would I put It?lol

  • Jennie C.

    Yes that’s amazing he would literally fill the conservatory if I got this too lol :joy: x

  • Victoria J.

    I seen this but it looks massive xx

  • Sarah M.

    I Would need an extension!

  • Natalie W.

    and extra toot toot vehicles to go with it :tired_face: Don’t tel robin! My cards cancelled so........

  • Amy G.

    Aww that's mint! I've got some toot toot stuff I'll have to have a look, cheers pal :blush: xxx

  • Naomi S.

    Yeah this is something I’d get for his birthday x

  • Marnie S.

    I am totally coming round to play with this!!! xxx

  • Melissa B.

    Why can’t Cody be old enough for this :eyes::joy:

  • Leanne M.

    think of the fun Lleyton would have!!!

  • Pauline M.

    Alfie Boy might like this x x

  • Becki C.

    Cruse will love it! So will reg :joy: xxx

  • Lizi W.

    Oh noooooo :anguished:that’s amazing

  • Tarnya J.

    That’s massive :joy: xxx

  • Stephanie W.

    Look at the size of it :joy::joy::joy:

  • Laura K.

    Probably bigger than him :joy:

  • Michelle L.

    Love this :heart_eyes: it’s nearly as big as my house :joy: xxx

  • Lauren M.

    I keep looking at this but just dunno where it will go :joy:

  • Denise T.

    Thats the King of All Toot toot lol x

  • Lauren M.

    He's already got about 5 different sets for Xmas lol I think sam will kill me if I buy more toot toot :joy:

  • Tara F.

    It does look good and a good price but already got his presents now xx

  • Trudi O.

    I'll just take the sofas out of the living room, sure who needs them anyway! :joy::joy:

  • Lucie F.

    Santa may have it for him!!! Xx

  • Paul O.

    No floor space left :red_car::slight_frown: xx

  • Iona G.

    If I had £50 just now id be getting it. Xxxx

  • Kirby O.

    We paid £55 just for the super tracks part so absolute bargain!

  • Katie L.

    This is what we’ve got Henry! It’s gonna take over the house :joy: xx

  • Jo F.

    I don’t know if we have the space for this though!!

  • Hayley C.

    Just seen this! I just bought her one last week but I wish I seen this first :cry::joy::joy: thanks very much anyway :two_hearts: xxx

  • Laura F.

    how annoying would this one be

  • Emma G.

    imagine putting this together after we struggled with just the garage haha xx

  • Fran N.

    Dont think i could cope with all them pieces everywhere haha x

  • Emma H.

    ! It's such a shame my 2 don't play with this anymore

  • Rebecca J.

    Imagine trying to put that together :scream: and it would take up the whole room :joy:

  • Chloe J.

    Yes I know. All the other ones he has takes up his room and that’s only one set not even joined them together. You need a mansion to join them altogether. It does look good though

  • Aimee M.

    reckon Ella wants one of these in your living room :joy:

  • Kelly W.

    Very it wouldn't look like that

  • Aimee M.

    Wait until I give you this kitchen, doll house, costume box and anything else I can think of :joy:

  • Kate B.

    I’ll get house hunting :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Stacey H.

    Tht looks awesome lol but i still haven't got all his other back out coz he just destorys it lol x

  • Kirsty S.

    It’s in stock here :joy: would fill your living room nicely auntie Helen :joy::joy:

  • Helen B.

    if you saw my living room right now it would be a different story :joy::joy:

  • Kayleigh N.

    lol I couldn't cope with that mess in my house. It's bad enough with just one set x

  • Danielle S.

    Dream come true for Harry haha

  • Karen G.

    Omg it would take weeks lol x

  • Kristina H.

    got it just now for him x

  • Jill Q.

    How fab does this look :heart_eyes: don't kn9w how much room I have for it though haha x

  • Laura B.

    Oh my god it’s massive....they’d love it!!!! x

  • Vicky C.

    Oh jeeeeeze !!!! I couldn’t cope with that that one he has annoys me as it is even tho he plays with it allllll day !!!! :joy::joy: he would wet himself over that beast !

  • Jackie B.

    Imagine building that

  • Jennifer E.

    And where wud I store that Aunty Laura :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: xx

  • Billie C.

    Yikes it would take up the whole lounge!

  • Elaine D.

    We’ve looked at this before. That’s all he’s needing :see_no_evil: lol

  • Jessica D.

    Aw yeah that looks good! Xx

  • Theraza I.

    Yeah me too lol xx shame I haven't got a house that would fit it in xx

  • Siobhan B.

    I definitely need a bigger house to keep something like that xx

  • Jamie B.

    My god that thing is huge!

  • Hannah L.

    Noooooooooo! No more toot toot. :laughing::sweat_smile:

  • Meghan E.

    Wow this is awesome n right up his street ! :) how r u doing ? Xxx

  • Jess O.

    I've just seen this was about tag you in it cx

  • Daniel T.

    He would absolutely love that

  • Charlotte S.

    Would need an extension for that :joy:

  • Claire R.

    Wow, That would great in the new toy room. Christmas present? :joy: xx

  • Felicity W.

    Don't think that'd fit in your living room :joy:

  • Steven C.

    Oh dear and tip it over most likely lol x

  • Jillian L.

    Awesome… although Ethan would probably play with the box :see_no_evil:xx

  • Nicola K.

    Omg that would fill the study!!!

  • Dan R.

    Yes get it for me... I mean her birthday

  • Dan R.

    She’ll love it. She’ll knock it all over and I’ll happily rebuild it

  • Jen C.

    Emily got these for Christmas and loves them!

  • Katie S.

    Not sure where that will go...x

  • Julie B.

    That's a bloody cracker!!! Need a bigger living room for Xmas :joy::joy::joy:

  • Nicki B.

    Stanley would love this xx

  • Kelly M.

    Got all his Christmas might get that for his birthday

  • Laurie A.

    Thanks hun defo want this :heart_eyes:

  • Steven M.

    That should cover everything toot toot needed for Christmas.

  • Kendan P.

    Wow I think I would probably spend more time playing on that lol. Xx

  • Kate W.

    Thanks bestie thats a good price! xx

  • Kyle B.

    I would love it more than the boys but where on earth would it go in our front room :joy:

  • Adele N.

    :joy::joy::joy: im sure it’ll fit somewhere ....

  • Natasha B.

    Actually a good idea but a awful idea at same time its bloodt massive :joy:

  • Jayne C.

    Its brilliant isn’t it! He’ll get so much use out of it x

  • Tracy B.

    looks class all them cars lol

  • Daniela R.

    Looks amazing, need an extra room jst for root root :joy::joy:

  • Toni-marie B.

    omg! i saw this kayden really needs it! it’s essential haha

  • Charlotte B.

    O wow! He definitely would love that!

  • Pamela G.

    Finn would love that :scream:

  • Adele M.

    That’s bigger than my playroom lol

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