Vtech First Steps Baby Walker £19.99 @ Argos

4 November 2010

vtech1 My niece had a Vtech First Steps Baby Walker when she was really little and she LOVED it!

She had the pink Vtech First Steps Baby Walker but that didn't stop my youngest son from playing with it (he's a couple of years older than Lori) because HE loved it too!

There are so many activities 'on board' the Vtech First Steps Baby Walker - there's all the usual bells, whistles and chimes.  Flashing lights, spinning dials and buttons to push.

There are letters from A to E to learn and numbers too.  There's also a telephone handset too, a firm favourite of kids of any age; such a shame they hit the teenage years and want proper mobile ones that cost money!

If I had a pound for every time I've played 'ring ring....ring ring..."Hello?...OHHHH Hello!! Yes I'm fine and you?.....Oh that's good.  Yes, he's here...I'll just hand you over!"' much the delight of my youngest, I'd be rolling in cash by now.

Argos have two Vtech First Steps Baby Walkers on offer and both have been reduced from £26.99 fown to £19.99 - be aware that the very small print on the website says that this current selling price is valid until 9 November.

You'll pay £5.95 for delivery, but why would youdo that when you can collect it in store for free? Especially when there's an Argos within spitting distance of just about everyone these days!

Thanks to macman2009 over at HUKD

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