VTech Sing And Discover Piano £15 @ Debenhams

VTech Sing And Discover Piano £15 @ Debenhams

Debenhams have the VTech Sing and Discover Piano on offer at the moment. As far as noisy plastic toys go, this is a pretty cool one, and I was quite excited when I saw it - which is silly since we already have one! The offer has £10 off , making this £25 toy £15.

I wrote a review of this piano some time back. It's really a good piece of kit, if you can get past the microphone that doesn't work as well as it could, but the rest of it is fun.

"It is a chunky musical keyboard with a ‘songbook’ with turning pages (the sounds automatically change to match the page that’s open – how they did that I have no idea). The songbook ‘chapters’  are shapes, animals and nursery, and the characters are a bird, cat, elephant, pig and  monkey which all come to audible life when the corresponding buttons are pushed."

There’s also a row of five musical notes which teach pretty realistic animal sounds, instruments and colours.  There are function controls – two volume settings which are both reasonably pitched – and two play modes and an off switch.

Below all that five keyboard keys with pictures of the characters and their instruments, and in the same mode as those above, these keys are simple keyboard keys.

There's loads more, and if you like musical toys, this is a good one to go for!

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