Vtech Red Playtime Phonics Bus £17 @ Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct are selling this rather fabulous VTech Red Playtime Bus for £17 - it's usually around the £20 mark.

I can be notoriously tight-fisted, but there are two things I have to explain to you about this Vtech Red Playtime Phonics Bus:

1) I'd happily pay up to £30 for it, I think it's that good; and

2) Even though I'm not a fan of plastic toys that feature bells and whistles and make all sorts of 'fun' sounds, you need to know that you really won't go wrong with Vtech toys that, invariably, do feature all these things - their build quality is always first class and their educational value is superb.

All little children love busses - which makes this VTech Red Playtime Bus with Phonics perfect for both boys and girls - and will help them to get to grips with phonics, letter names and numbers.

The passengers on the side are big chunky buttons too, when they're pressed they say funny things and there are also other sounds that kids will love, such as: a horn, brakes and revving engine noises, along with music and all the usual bells and whistles we all expect from VTech.

This Vtech Red Playtime Bus will teach very small children cause and effect - push the buttons and something happens, and as they get older it will help teach them phonics, letter names and numbers.

You can arrange to collect your Vtech Red Playtime Bus for free at the Tesco store of your choice, or you can hand over an additional £3 and have them deliver it to you instead.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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