Vtech Media Desktop Computer £24.99 @ Argos

1 August 2010

vtech Seize back control of your own computer by picking up one of these Vtech media desktop computers from Argos.

My four-year-old is very computer savvy. He's been able to log on to his account on the family computer (his user icon is a little frog), open up various tabs and happily start playing on the Thomas the Tank Engine website by himself since he's been two!

This is all great but back then there were three children - one toddler and two teenagers - sharing a computer, it made for some interesting tantrums on all sides...including me when they all got ridiculous *sigh*

If you're sharing your laptop or desktop machine with your youngster and they're not sorting out their budget on Excel or writing letters in Word, then they might enjoy messing around with the 60 games that this Vtech media desktop computer comes with.

If they like listening to music then an MP3 player can be attached and they can groove along to their favourite tunes.  It can also be connected to the Internet via a PC and extra games can be downloaded from the Vtech website.

It also has a full Qwerty keyboard, mouse, mouse mat and requires 4 AA batteries. I can't see anywhere that suggests it comes with a mains adapter so you might want to invest in a good set of rechargeable batteries.

Argos have cut the price of this Vtech media desktop computer in half, reducing it from £74.99 down to £24.99. Collect it in store for free or get walloped by the £5.95 next day delivery charge.

Thanks to nibrows over at HUKD!

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