Vtech My Little Laptop £7.99 @ Argos

13 February 2013

Argos are selling this Vtech My Little Laptop for half price - £7.99 rather than £17.49.

Computer, laptops, iPads, iTouchs, anything starting with i  in fact, are no longer the just the play things of grown-ups. The trouble with living in a world where children are very savvy with all things tech', is they want what you have!

I've lost count of the number of times I've handed over my laptop, in the past, to my youngest son so that he can do his best digital Jackson Pollock impression in Paint. Then he'd move on to a bit of Cbeebies online and play games on the Thomas and Friends website - I considered myself lucky if I was 'allowed' two minutes to quickly check email.

He's managed to negotiate a deal with his dad, whereby he inherits the older iPad so that his dad can justify buying himself a shiny new one - that child is going to go far, I tell you!

If your little one hasn't reached the iPad blackmail stage yet then this Vtech My Laptop could, in the meantime, be your knight in shining plastic and microchip.

With it, your child will learn early computer skills which, like it or not, is necessary these days; age-appropriate curriculum, including phonics, numbers, logic and all sorts of other things like pattern recognition.  It has a mouse too that's not right-hand biased, so if you have a little' lefty' then they won't find it awkward.

It's suitable for little computer boffins aged between three and six years and is powered by three AA batteries; no mains power option by the look of it - so you're going to need shares in Duracell, or whichever is your battery brand of choice!

Thanks to philmitchel at HUKD

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