VTech Baby Rattle & Roll Racer £8.08 @ Amazon

5 August 2014

VTech Baby Rattle & Roll Racer

If you have any of the children’s channels on ever, then you will have seen the advert for the VTech Baby Rattle & Roll Racer. Amazon are selling it for only £8.08. Compare that to Toys R Us £16.99, Smyths £15.99 and Tesco has it reduced down to £12.23.

We all see toys on TV and think cool but honestly, I saw the advert for this yesterday and I wanted to rush out to the shops and buy one. The VTech Baby Rattle & Roll Racer is chunky and will appeal to lots of little people out there.

The VTech Baby Rattle & Roll Racer comes with a very clever rattle that not only makes the car move when shaken but will dance if you put it inside the car. The car can go forward and back and even has two LED headlights that flash.

There’s two tool buttons that help teach your baby about objects. With the ten melodies and three (or six, descriptions contradict) songs there is much fun to be had with this toy.

You will have noticed that the VTech Baby Rattle & Roll Racer is a bit short of the £10 threshold to be eligible for Amazon's free delivery, so why not add on something like the ELC pack of 4 AA batteries for £2.50.

Thanks to beckic18 @ HUKD

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