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Retro Virtual Pocket Pet Just £2.98

If you had a Tamagotchi when you were younger then you have got to get your hands on one of these Retro Virtual Pocket Pets for your youngster to enjoy!

They are a similar design to the Tamagotchi's of our youth but for a mere £2.98, a fraction of the original cost!

You can relive the 90's with your very own virtual pet! There are 49 different pets on your pocket pet to choose from, feed, groom, train and play with the pet to keep it healthy, happy and alive! They will keep the kids entertained for days!

Prices start from just £2.98 for one virtual pet or you can save even more money by buying in bulk. Two pocket pets are £4.98, three are £7.98 and four are £9.49.

They are available in red, pink, yellow or blue and are selling fast!

Home delivery is £1.99.

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  • Siobhan G.

    you could put it in your bubble bag xz

  • Rachel C.

    mind you gave yours to to take to work :joy::joy::joy::joy::broken_heart:

    • Rebecca C.

      :joy::joy::joy: couldn't have it dying on me!

  • Joanne K.

    Haha!!! Omg .....would ur mam still mind babysittin them haha xx

  • Amy B.

    you will have to get Albert one!!

  • Joanne X.

    will you babysit like Old Times :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Sarah G.

    can you mind them while we're in work please :grin:

  • Carolyn W.

    Yes! Ah those were the days

  • Diane B.

    Can do not much money if he doesnt play with it

  • Hayley C.

    Hell yeah never forgot to feed that baby :joy:

  • Sarah G.

    We'll just leave them in your car to beep til you feed them :grinning:

  • Sarah G.

    :joy::joy::joy: esp when they got banned from school

  • Sarah G.

    :joy: oh yeah you killed my dinasaur lol

  • Liz G.

    It died of starvation lol

  • Sarah G.

    Yeah cuz you didn't feed it lol

  • Lj S.

    These are crap u get to pick from a few animals and one click of button resets it. nothing like the original

  • Lauraa W.

    I would well have one again!!

  • Samantha K.

    I need one in my life lol xx

  • Shalane H.

    I had a puppy a cat and a baby:joy:

  • Tiff E.

    I got 4 with eggs on ebay for £9

  • Emma G.

    I got mine these for Christmas when they were £1.99..... and they are rubbish! Battery lasted about 1 hr at the most, and it didn’t work properly etc xx

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