Wet Head Water Roulette £14.95 @ Halfords

Wet Head Water Roulette £14.95 @ Halfords

Move over Pie Face, you are sooo last season! Make way for Wet Head! It's the game of the Summer and you need it in your life!

This fab game of water roulette is a guaranteed winner at BBQ's and parties this Summer and will certainly keep the kids entertained on a sunny day.

We have found this game for a cracking price over at Halfords. It can be yours for just £14.95 which is cheaper than elsewhere. You can even Click and Collect your Wet Head game for FREE to your local Halfords store.

So what is Wet Head? Well it is a fun water game that the whole family can enjoy. All you have to do is fill the Wet Head container with water and take turns to wear the hat.

You then spin the roulette wheel on the top of the hat, when it stops spinning you have to remove one of the rods on the top of the hat and see if you are the one to get soaked. It then moves onto the next player until all the rods have been removed. The winner is the person who has stayed the driest!

I can see hours of fun with this game at family BBQ's, grandparents right down to little one's will love this!

If you prefer to have your Wet Head game delivered to your front door it will cost £2.99 and becomes FREE when you spend £30 or more.


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  • Dionne L.

    We need this :joy:

    • Lauren S.

      this is the new pie face lol

      • Jen W.

        this is the next Pie Face!! X

        • Megan S.

          Definitely need to get for Christmas this year! Xxx