Toy Story 3 Connect 4 £9.93 @ The Hut

Toy Story 3 Connect 4 £9.93 @ The Hut

toyStory3connect4The Hut have a nice deal on this Toy Story 3 Connect 4. It's now a much more reasonable £9.93 instead of the rather expensive, in my opinion, rrp of £20.75.

I loved playing Connect 4 as a kid.

It was one of the few games me and my brother could play together without descending into sibling squabbling from hell.

As we got older the stakes got higher (we paid for pound coins once - whoever won got the total number of counters used in pound coins from the other one.

Our games got quicker - super-fast Connect 4 was our high octane 'don't pause for breathe, don't stop to think, just PLAY version', it was great.

Toy Story 3 Connect 4 is played the same way as normal Connect 4.

To win you need to be the first to get four in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.  But with Toy Story 3 Connect 4 the counters aren't red and yellow, oh no no no no, they feature either Woody or Buzz.

The published price for Toy Story 3 Connect 4 on The Hut's website is £10.93 - to reduce that £9.93 just enter RUDOLPH into the promotion code box in your basket.

There's no delivery to pay either.

Thanks to karenthemummy79 at HUKD


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