Timmy Time Click Camera £4.99 @ Play.com

Timmy Time Click Camera £4.99 @ Play.com

11924590xFans of Timmy Time rejoice for here lies a fantabulous deal for aTimmy Click Camera that is only £4.99. That’s almost £5 cheaper than the next cheapest deal on the net. Thank you Play.com, for this low price nabs us all a fabulous birthday present for practically pennies.

Timmy is a lamb with a lot to learn, and so are our little angles. This is the first time he’s ever left the field to explore the big wide world (read: nursery) and what better way to capture all those special moments than with his very own camera.

This camera is a great tool for encouraging imaginative play and is ideal for kids that don’t mind that this isn’t a real camera and won’t take any real pictures. The camera has sounds and pictures for them to look at through the viewfinder and is covered in bright primary colours to trigger all sorts of intelligent things in timmyyour kids.

The price is great and this would do nicely for a Christmas present (stick it in your emergency pressie cupboard) or for any one of the millions of birthday parties you have lined up over the summer.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!


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  • Yuvy
    Very disappointed - box is full of advertising about character sounds, but the only sound it makes is a click when you press the button. Highly annoying