Thomas And Friends My First Trike £24.99 @ Home Bargains

If you head over to Home Bargains you'll be able to bag yourself a Thomas and Friends My First Trike for £24.99, rather than having to pay its full price of £34.99.

Youngsters riding their trikes, for the first little while at least, can be a heart-stopping and scary experience. I remember when the Teenagers first took to the triking road - we didn't have these My First Trikes way back then and they seemed to lack the ability to pedal and look where they were going at the same time!

They were either stationary and looking up, or pedaling away like loons and careering towards unsuspecting pedestrians, trees, brick walls, in fact anything that happened to be in their less-than-straight oncoming path - it was terrifying.

And let's not even talk too much about how they turn round to look at you when you yell 'STOP!!!' whilst they're still going forward!

So HURRAH for trikes like this Thomas and Friends My First Trike - the kids get to have fun, trike, look at their feet as they pedal and us parents get to control the stop-start and steering element. This little trike is suitable for kids from two years onwards, it has a storage bucket on the back to put things in and the parent handle height is adjustable, marvellous.

You can arrange to pop into your local Home Bargains and collect your Thomas and Friends My First Trike, or you can lob them an extra few quid and they'll very kindly bring it to you instead.

Happy my first triking!

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