Teksta Pink Robotic Puppy £31.99 @ Argos

teksta puppy pink

Kids keep pestering you for a dog? Buy one of these, the Teksta Robotic Puppy. It doesn't smell, you don't need to pick up it's poop and it won't sit in front of you licking it's bum whilst you watch Emmerdale. Get it from Argos and save yourself pounds, as it is now only £31.99. It has been £59.99, then £34.99. In fact the blue version still is £59.99 Grrr! The original price looks like the typical price of it, so grab one whilst the going is good!

Have you seen a Teksta Robotic Puppy before? I can see the appeal, it is ever so clever. Listen to this, the little canine responds to gestures, voice, sounds and even lights. In fact this clever little robot toy has over one hundred interactive features. That is impressive. Not sure even I have that many!

Now the downside, it still barks, whimpers and ...ahem, shares it's feelings with it's expressive eyes.  This Teksta Puppy comes with a ball and a bone, so that you can include them in play.

Reserve and collect your Teksta Pink Robotic Puppy from your local Argos store to save on delivery costs, or pay the £3.95 of you need it sent to your front door.

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