Sylvanian Families Farm Shop £5.61 @ Amazon

Sylvanian Families Farm Shop £5.61 @ Amazon

Amazon has reduced the price on this Sylvanian Families Farm Shop by 63%. That's down from £14.99 to £5.61. Delivery is free with Amazon Prime. Perfect if you've got a little Sylvanian collector in your family, or you know one.

These little Sylvanian sets are so sweet. I wish I had a daughter to share some with. Instead of having to play with Ben 10 and Dinosaurs all the time.

Dotty Buttercup is always kept busy as she loves looking after and running the farm shop. She sells all kinds of produce fresh and home-grown from Highfields Farm. With over 30 fruits and vegables in the shop there is a big selection to choose from. Dotty likes to tell her customers which vegetables are in season, and she always likes talking about Horace's Honey!

There are only two customer reviews on the site, and both are quite positive. Here's what one buyer had to say "Great value for money and my 5 year old adores her new sylvanian addition. There are a lot of small parts so I am sure we will lose a few as time passes but in the meantime, will have great fun playing with her older sister who received the horse and cart!"


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