Step2 All Round Art Tower £42 @ Sainsburys

16 May 2011


The Step2 all around art tower has been marked down from £84 to only £42 at Sainsburys and it is one awesome deal for crafty kids. You are saving half of the original price, which was very hefty, for a big and very beautiful art station that is perfect for kids.

The Step2 all around art tower is completely circular so that children have 360 degree access to all the areas on the station. They can learn, play, interact and have fun really easily, while also being able to use all the different elements of the art station without too much effort.

The Step2 all around art tower has vertical storage in the centre with plenty of room set aside for pens and pencils, crayons, paints, and modelling clay. The station also comes with two eleven inch stools and is ideal for kids over the age of three.

You will find that your Step2 all around art tower will come in white, red and blue, that it is 122x81x81cm in size, and that it has a nice one year guarantee. Brilliant.

Thanks to osullivan1986 at HUKD!

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