NEW Star Wars Showerheads!?

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This may be just about the most unnecessary but fabulous bits of Star Wars merchandise I have seen, and I have seen lots. Today Star Wars Showerheads have gone on sale in the US, and after rummaging around and a fair few "not in the UK" results I have even found that you can get them shipped to the UK! If you really want one that is.

There are two designs sold by Bed, Bath and Beyond in the US. You can get a Darth Vader showerhead, where the water flows from his eyes so that you can "bathe in his tears", or an R2D2 version, which is a little less exciting.

It has also been pointed out that Darth Vaders eyes look a little too much like camera lenses and that may make showering a little uncomfortable...

If you want to buy one then Darth Vader is working out at £20.55, and the R2D2 at £17.12, but as that is a conversion from the US Bed, Bath & Beyond site the prices will fluctuate with the exchange rate. There will also be a perhaps hefty shipping charge to add to that as well, but if you want the latest in Star Wars merchandising for the ultimate fan then it's one to consider.

Phew, I managed the whole blog without one pun.

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