Star Wars: Force Trainer £29.99 @ Play

Star Wars: Force Trainer £29.99 @ Play

starWarsForceWe're HUGE Star Wars fans here at PlayPennies and this Force Trainer has got us just a little bit excited!

I've lost count of the number of times I wished I had Jedi powers! Can you imagine how useful it would be?

"Teenagers, you want to tidy up your bedrooms.  Tidy bedrooms are the way of life you've been looking for!" That, of course, along with the ability to move things with your mind would make life just a little bit more fun interesting.

What if I told you we ALL have this latter Jedi power just waiting to be unleased? Don't believe me? This Star Wars Force Trainer will prove it to you!

The wireless Force Trainer headset reads and interprets your brainwaves and the harder you, or your little Jedi, concentrate, the more the Jedi Training Remote will move!

With the help of the ever-awesome Master Yoda you will progress through 15 levels of Force Training, going from the rank of Padawan to that of Jedi Master.  This 'toy' (you can't call the Force a toy, it's just 'right') features all the  Star Wars sound effects you would expect to hear, along with lots of Yoda dialogue.

This Star Wars Force Trainer should retail at £99.99 but have cut that price right down to £29.99 (presumably with their cost-cutting light sabre) and all UK orders are delivered for free.

Thanks to Huny over at HUKD!


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