Star Wars Darth Vadar Talking Money Box £7.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this Star Wars Darth Vadar talking money box for less than half price - its original price was £19.99, you can pick one up now for £7.99.

Amazing, it's the 11 January and I've got Edward's birthday pressies sorted out already - I must make a note to remind myself, in July, that I've already bought him things and where I've stashed them!

Edward is a Star Wars fan through and through (so are the rest of all of us, he didn't stand a chance really) and, a couple of years ago, I bought him a LEGO Star Wars Darth Vadar alarm clock - he's going to love this talking Darth Vadar money box to go with his clock.

He's already a bit of an entrepreneur and loves to stash his money - in fact, just yesterday he was trying to explain to his dad why he was still owed a tenner: his dad had exchanged a £10 for 10 £1 coins - well, as far as Edward is concerned, he's still owed a £10 note back!

The coin slot is situated at the top of Darth's helmet and when you put coins into his head, that Darth Vadar breathing starts - JUST. AWESOME!  As is anything that encourages children to save their money.

Now, you might have to hunt around for stock a little bit - mine's reserved at an Argos store that's 15 miles away - but there seems to be stock pretty close by to most places, depending on your point of view, how badly you want one and how far you're prepared to travel to get it - use to help you search a little further afield than one postcode at a time on the Argos site.

Thanks to quickwinstwofers at HUKD

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