Spynet Video Watch 3 In 1 Night Vision Surveillance Pack For £49.99 @ The Toy Shop

22 February 2013

The Spynet Video Watch 2.0 three in one Night Vision Surveillance Pack has all the high-tech gadgetry needed to complete the most difficult missions. It is 33% off at The Toy Shop so instead of £74.99 you be paying £49.99, awesome.

The Video Watch 2.0 looks like a regular watch but takes incredible night vision videos. With the advanced spy technology, you can secretly film 20 minutes of video, take more than 2000 photos or record up to three hours of sound no matter how dark it is. Once you're done spying, link it to your computer to review the evidence.

Then there are mirror glasses, no spy is complete without their shades. But this clever pair features mirrors so you can look the part and see who's creeping up behind you.

Lastly there’s a voice changer. The six function voice changer means you can pass on secret messages without anyone knowing it was you who said it.

This incredible pack also contains classified information that tells you how to go online and download secret missions and software from the Spynet website. The set needs rechargeable lithium batteries to work, which are included, love it!


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