Spin And Explore Garden Gym £19.50 @ Very

Spin And Explore Garden Gym £19.50 @ Very

Lamaze Spin and Explore baby gymThis is a lovely 'spin' on tummy time for small babies. Spot the pun! It does just that, lets baby spin themselves around. How sweet is that? Even sweeter, Very have it on sale for £19.50, marked down from £28.

It wasn't until I was packing away my son's baby toys (sigh, yes, sentimental as I am still have all of them) that I realised just how much Lamaze he had. It isn't like I just went out and bought for the label. Co-incidence really. It simply is that they make toys that babies find fun. One of his favourites was the little baby gym. That was for slightly older babies though. This Garden Gym is aimed at babies even younger, when you're just putting them on their tummy.

Lamaze Spin and Explore baby gym matBabies lie in the spinner, which gently spins them around on their tummies. According to the manufacturer this helps babies with "stretching and building upper bodies while exploring lots of squeaky, crinkly, tactile fun." The playmat is splashed with strong colours, and has a variety of textures, and layers. The spinner can be removed once the baby can sit up unaided. Recommended age is from newborn upwards.


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