Something Special Get Up And Go Playmat £6.24 @ Amazon

31 January 2015

something special

Justin Fletcher has a MBE because he is flaming marvellous. Children with special needs were often shoved into the background in previous times but Justin brought us Mr Tumble and aimed his children's show at every child in the country. The Something Special Get Up And Go Playmat is just £6.24 at Amazon just now, which is a fab price for this toy.

The Something Special Get Up and Go Playmat has four modes: Numbers, Colour, Find and Get Ready. By touch children can activate sounds, songs and instructions.

Toys like this are great for refining dexterity and aiding physical strength. Kids love it when you put toys on the floor and get down to their level and this Playmat is just for that.

It features everybody's favourite character from Something Special.... Mr Tumble. He really is funny and my boys went daft for him when they were young.

To get the Something Special Get Up and Go Playmat delivered for FREE you must top up your order to the sum of £10 or more. Just add and item of £3.76 or more like this Mr Tumble Search and Say Book* .

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