Smart New Pet Care Centre £3.52 @ Amazon

Smart New Pet Care Centre £3.52 @ Amazon

Amazon has reduced the Smart New Pet Care Centre from £9.99 to £3.52. This is a saving of £6.47 which is really, really good for this very cute and useful present. The styles will vary though, so you may not necessarily get what you see pictured here.

Included in the Smart New Pet Care Centre is everything your child needs to take care of their pet cat or dog. Each set comes complete with five care accessories and one gorgeous little animal to take care of. If you buy more than one of these, please note that you may not get all the same animal.

The box contains the pet carry case, one plush animal and five car accessories. You will find a brush, some pretend spray and other items I can’t quite identify from the picture – there is little to no information on the website about it at all.

These would make great additions to the present cupboard as emergency items that can be whipped out and wrapped in a second.

Thanks to munnski at HUKD!


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