Silly Moo Game £7.76 @ Amazon

Silly Moo Game £7.76 @ Amazon

If toys are on adverts then the chances are kids will want them. This Silly Moo Game has been a popular choice on Santa Lists this year, and if you are wanting to grab a last minute gift then do it now. Amazon are selling it for just £7.76 which is the cheapest we have seen it for.

Anyone noticed that kids' games are getting more gross by the minute? Kids love anything to do with bogeys, muck and toilet humour. Silly Moo involves squeezing a cow's udders and looks like a cheeky bit of fun.

What you get: A Cow, Dice, Cow Pats, White Milk Cartons and a Gold Milk Carton. The aim of the game is to roll the dice to milk the cow. Milk cartons score pints but you may end up with nothing but cow pat.When the cow has been fully milked, her eyes will pop out and then the person with the most milk cartons wins.

You can have the Silly Moo Game delivered for FREE if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. If neither of these apply then delivery is £3.30.

Make sure you get your game on time by signing up to the 30 day Amazon Prime FREE trial.

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