The Secret Saturdays Zak's Cryptipedia £9.99 @ Argos

Secret Saturdays Zak's Cryptidpedia 1 I'm not sure if the Secret Saturdays are shown outside the cable channel Cartoon Network. They should be though. This is one of those adventure style cartoon shows that I don't mind watching too! Argos has reduced the Secret Saturdays Zak's Cryptipedia to less than half price. Down from £21.99 to £9.99.

The Saturdays are a family - mum, dad and their ten year old son Zak. There's also a strange ape-like creature who seems to have been adopted as an extra son, and a komodo dragon that can go invisible. Oh and what I think is a pterydactal. OK, so I watch the show but not that closely!

Other than being secret agents out to save special animals called Cryptids, they're just another normal family. Dad is rather stressed and focussed on his job (he's also built like the back-side of a barn and has a rather manly scar slashed across his face). Mum is just like any of us. Super hot, and always wearing a skin tight jumpsuit that leaves nothing to the imagination. I can see the dads looking in the TV guide now...

Secret Saturdays Zak's Cryptidpedia 2This particular gadget describes itself as the ultimate Zak Saturday gadget. It works by inserting action figure or Cryptid cards to hear cool facts about the characters, or track and capture Cryptids with the tracking device. The Cryptipedia comes with the three AAA batteries required.

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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    These are reduced to £7.49 in store at The Entertainer

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