Science Museum Robot Bank £6.50 @ K&Co

Science Museum Robot Bank £6.50 @ K&Co

scienceMuseumRobotBankK&Co are selling this Science Museum Robot Bank for £6.50 instead of his original £27.00.

Anything that teaches kids to save money is a good thing in my book.

If you want something, save up for it and buy it when you have the money - rather than 'I want something NOW, so I'll just borrow a ton of cash and worry about how to pay it back later.'

My teenagers have always thought I was very mean when I said no to their requests to borrow money from me; they can earn their money and I'll keep it 'safe' until they have enough to buy what they want;  buy it first and then they work to pay it off afterwards? NO!

So, this Science Museum Robot Bank looks like a fun way to encourage your child(ren) to start saving.

He counts their cash, speaks, lights up, waves his arms and gets upset if you try to take your money out of him. HA! I love that bit.

You can set a target saving amount and he will keep track of the total saved and offer encouragement to help you to meet your goal.

The Science Museum Robot Bank has an LCD display and buttons, clearly marked,  which will allow you to check your balance, deposits and withdrawals.

He also multi-tasks as an alarm clock and displays the time, day and date.

The only other thing you need to give him, apart from cash, is 4AA batteries and he comes with those included - cash isn't included though, you have to provide that yourself.

Thanks to Dibzzy at HUKD


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