Postman Pat Greendale Rocket Track Set - Was £59.99 Now £17.99 @ Argos

Postman Pat Greendale Rocket Track Set - Was £59.99 Now £17.99 @ Argos

Ooh, there's nothing like a bit of  bargain on a Monday morning to brighten things trackup around here. If you've got a little boy's birthday coming up then this Postman Pat Greendale Rocket Track Set might be just the ticket. It's usually £59.99 but is just £17.99 at Argos right now!

Little Pat fans can help collect the parcels from Greendale station and deliver them around Pencaster. The Greendale train also says phrases from the classic kids TV show and plays the Special Delivery Service tune. (Kids will love absolutely this but can I suggest a pair of earplugs along with this purchase? Special Deliveryyy Seeeeeervice.... Postman's on his way! That theme tune burns through my brain at 3am and it does not make me a happy Mama.)

patAnyway this fab set includes 1 Greendale station, 1 Ajay figure, 1 luggage trolley, 1 railway signal, 2 sheep, 2 trees, 1 daisy the cow, 4 curved train track pieces and 2 x straight pieces of track. It requires 2 x AAA batteries which aren't included so don't forget to throw some in your basket before checkout to avoid the immortal misery of a child with a present that cannot be played with.

It's suitable for children aged 3 years and over and I bet there are a few Dads out there who will enjoy this almost as much as the kids! In fact maybe we should order one for the Bitter Wallet office?

Thanks to whizzkid over at Hot UK Deals for this fab find!


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