Pop Up Tunnel And Tents £24 @ ELC

7 May 2011

Pop Up Tunnel And Tents There's nothing a pre-schooler likes more than a tunnel and a tent to play with. At least that was my experience with my son when he was younger! What I like about this Pop Up Tunnel and Tents set from the ELC, apart from being reduced to £24 (it was £30) is that you get two tents.

Speaking from experience, this is the sort of thing that's perfect for fun in the garden or for play in the park. Unfortunately the 20% voucher code we mentioned recently HERE can't be applied as this has already been reduced. But this was the cheapest I could find for this, cheaper even than those with just one tent and a tunnel.

Along with the tunnel you get a triangle tent and a round tent. The set up is attached together with velcro. Both customer reviews on the site say they would recommend this to a friend. One points out that the tunnel doesn't connect to the tents, and that two of the poles broke quite quickly. But still gives it high marks for fun.

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