Pop Bubble Bags From £4 @ Shein

They look amazing!
Pop Bubble Bags From £4 @ Shein

These look so cool and I'm annoyed Shein don't have them for adults because I really want one. Shein are selling Pop It Bags from just £4 which is a great price from them, as I've seen them for £12+ elsewhere.

Shein Bubble Pop Bags

Shein don't have a large collection of Pop Bubble Bags but what they do have is a few awesome looking ones. They are inexpensive which is great because when something is a hit with the kids it's usually priced up - not at Shein though.

The cheapest one is this Colourblock one* for £4. My favourite one has to be this Burger shaped one* for just £5.50.

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Delivery is £2, or free when you spend £35+.


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