Plastic Grabber 98p @ Tesco Direct

This toy/thing/doodad amuses me greatly. It is plastic and it grabs. So you can grab things off the floor. That’s it. And yet I can see how this toy would provide hours of endless fun for kids and parents. It would! And now it is down from £2.16 to only 98p at Tesco Direct. Brilliant.

The plastic grabber would be great as a Christmas stocking filler. You could use it to pick up all the wrapping paper once the pressies are done. You can use it to pinch people’s bottoms in the paddling pool or big pool. You could use it to become The Claw and capture innocent toys.

The uses are endless. We have a similar device at home with a dinosaur head on it and my daughter loves it. Mine is from when I was a kid so I don’t really let her play with it much as it has sentimental value. Now I plan to reserve one of these to collect instore for free.

Thanks to sparkylicious at HUKD!

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