PJ Masks Toys Available For Pre-Order @ Smyths Toys

PJ Masks Toys Available For Pre-Order @ Smyths Toys

Heard of PJ Masks? If you haven't you soon will do! It's a TV show for pre-school children on Disney Junior and it's already huge in the US and set to become a big hit over here too. Smyths Toys have just started taking pre-orders for the toys so if your child is a fan then take a look at what's coming!

There's lots of toys coming, and most are estimated to be available from around the 4th February. Prices start from just £2.49, so these aren't big expensive toys like some brands, and there's a good variety to choose from. Blind bags are £2.49, Light Up Figures With Wristbands are £6.99 each, Plush Toys are £8.99, Masks are £9.99, and then there's figures, talking figures, vehicles and more.

The costumes are likely to be among the bestselling items, and those don't come cheap at £24.99 each, though they are expected to be a sell out even at full price.

PJ Masks merchandise sold out straight away when it was released in the US and Canada, and stores are clearly expecting a big hit in the UK too. It's being talked about in the same terms and Paw Patrol, and we all know how much of a hit that has become!

PJ Masks toys and merchandise is available to pre-order now from Smyths Toys on the link above. Home delivery is free on orders of £20 or more, and click and collect is free of charge, with items due to be in stock between 4th and 14th February 2016.


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  • Gemma B.

    My kids will be chuffed they love pj masks and keep saying they want toys of it!

    • Vicky G.

      I got an email from Smyths the other day. Would of made a fortune if it came out before xmas x

      • Lauren W.

        Already ordered the stuff...Thanks :joy::joy:

        • Lynsy J.

          This has actually annoyed me more than it probably should. My daughter LOVES PJ masks yet the toys were only released in America sept this year so not in the UK in time for Christmas. So the only way to avoid disappointment as she knew the toys existed, due to youtube videos, was to order them from America at double/triple the RRP. Only for them to then let us know that they will be available to pre-order from BOXING DAY in the UK!!!! And available in stores Feb. (Originally it was mid 2017) If I had known that I would have told her she could have them for her birthday in march!!! And paid the normal price! The company Just Play has really missed out on the profits of UK sales for Christmas and its the people of america who have cashed in big time from desperate UK parents wanting the toys for Christmas. So bloody annoying. :rage::rage::rage::rage:

          Hey ho! Worse things in life I guess :grinning:

          • Paula B.

            Same problem!! Just got all excited I could get them for his January birthday. But no not available until February!! :persevere: x

            • Samantha O.

              Feeling your pain! Luckily got some fake plush from china which arrived on Xmas eve and another toy from Canada which was half the price some of the rogues were selling them for on eBay! (Still double RRP through!)

            • Patricia S.

              Alreasy pre odered 3 things off argos :)

              • Christine G.

                Just in time for his birthday! :smiley:

                • Anna S.

                  The headquarters set is great I shipped it over from America for my little girls christmas

                  • Rachael C.

                    There not expensive either bonus

                    • Claire M.

                      Woop woop!! Although he does not need any more toys until his birthday at least :speak_no_evil::joy:

                      • Shelley M.

                        My friend crocheted me some pj masks dolls they are so lush. My 4 year old loves them :-D

                        • Stacey B.

                          From Feb tho ! Typical xx

                          • Emily L.

                            Yes finally my boy was so disappoint he couldn't have any for xmas x will be great to hopefully get for his birthday in February x

                            • Jessica D.

                              Thanks sweets, saw this earlier :blush:

                              • Jody T.

                                I dont think so either. Theyve finally got go jetters toys in the shops too but its too late now. Dont know why it takes so long!!!

                                • Kay H.

                                  Think I know what birthday money will be spent on :joy:

                                  • Chloe C.

                                    course Santa did :smirk:. Xx

                                    • Karen T.

                                      We got our 5 year old the PJ Mask set of figures from eBay for Christmas m. We are in the UK and brought brand new from a UK seller. He loves them x

                                      • Sarah H.

                                        Aww she'll be so chuffed :grinning::grinning:

                                        • Laura H.

                                          Yeah Kyan does he loves it they were acting it out the other day :joy: xxx

                                          • Lara D.

                                            Thanks babe typical they come out right after Christmas :weary::joy: xx