Peter Rabbit Story Telling Plush Toy £11.14 @ Amazon

Story Telling Peter Rabbit £11.14 Amazon

When I was little I loved Peter Rabbit and the other characters created by Beatrix Potter. They are so cute and the naughty little things they get up to are really funny. If your kids don't know of Peter Rabbit and friends then you just have to introduce them. This Peter Rabbit Story Telling Plush is an absolute bargain from Amazon. Normally you'd pay £20+ for it, but Amazon are selling it for just £11.14.

The Peter Rabbit Story Telling Plush Toy is ideal for quiet afternoons or at bedtime. Open the journal and Peter Rabbit tells a tale. The magical thing about this toy is that the journal pictures light up as the story is told.

There's hundreds of different story combinations which means the kids won't tire of this toy any time soon.

It's suitable for children aged three and above but there's no reason that you couldn't sit with your little one at bedtime and enjoy this together.

You can have the Peter Rabbit Story Telling Plush Toy delivered for FREE from Amazon if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. If you don't have Amazon Prime and you aren't spending that much, then delivery will be £3.30.

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